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The White Mountains Newest 37-Acre Luxury Enclave coming soon.

Residential development plans for the White Mountain region in Northeast Arizona have started.

A Rare New Investment Opportunity in the White Mountains of Arizona

The Phoenix-based real estate development and investment firm will develop a top-tier new community in the heart of this sought-after region. With new high-end construction a rare find around St. Johns, these new homes are highly anticipated by many. Plans to construct four spacious single-family home sites have begun. The homes are being built at Woodland Valley Ranch, one of Arizona's privately owned ranches. Homebuyers have the ability to choose from multiple distinct floorplans, ranging from 2,200 to over 4,000 square feet. Our dedication to excellence is drawing the attention of many homebuyers.


Investors, the project has started its initial funding round for the year.

The White Mountains will give its residents impeccable views of the mountains, and the cool-clear highlands of the beautiful Colorado Plateau. Its location is centered around St. Johns, Arizona. Our team's goal is to make the region the newest luxury development center in Northeast Arizona. Once completed the community will be a job creator in the region as well as inject capital into the local economy.

Why the White Mountains?

Research by the The Washington Post reports that, "The fabulously wealthy are fueling a booming luxury ranch market out West." Our team believes it is not a matter of if, but when St. Johns will be the focal point of the luxury home market in the region.

Major Highway

U.S. Route 191 (US 191) runs through the Future Development area. Route 191 stretches all the way from Southern Arizona to the Canada-US border. This will reduce transportation cost during construction.


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